Leica M9 Review Specs Price

:8: – The Leica M9 is an 18MP digital camera with a full-frame sensor that continues the Leica M8. The new Leica M9 comes with a larger sensor that is fitted into the same size body as the Leica M8 has. Some people might say that the Leica M9 is the smallest full-frame digital camera that is available.

The Leica M9 uses a micro lens sensor to minimize corner shading but at the same time maximize the light-gathering capabilities.

Leica M9 Performance & Handling

Leica M9 Review Specs Price

Leica M9 Review Specs Price

The Leica M9 is built in a die-cast magnesium alloy. For the top and bottom plates, the engineers decided to place a construction made from brass. Overall, the Leica M9 design adopts the M-series motif with only a little difference with the M8. The battery display/shot indicator that appears in M8 is removed, while an ISO button is placed on the rear view.

The buttons for Play, Delete, ISO, Info, and Set are small but each is clearly labeled and spaced apart from each other.

The Leica M9 provides two processors for achieving greater performance of images processing while inside there is a fast SDHC card in place. The Leica M9 results Adobe’s DNG RAW format which is compatible with Adobe Camera Raw.

The pictures that have been captured can be displayed on a 2.5-inch LCD screen on the rear side. The screen that delivers 230,000 dpi resolution is difficult to see in direct sunlight. If you are zooming into images, you need a few times to fully render details.

Indeed, the Leica M9 features full-frame sensor that takes it to rival the Canon EOS 5D Mark II and the Sony Alpha 900. Those digital cameras are at the same level of noise at lower sensitivities. However, the Leica M9 has a good mark on its detail and resolution even in lower sensitivities. If it is attached to the good lens and used in a correct technique, the images result an impressive sharpness.

Leica M9 Pros and Cons


  • The viewfinder is large and clear
  • The simple design and buttons makes the Leica M9 enjoyable to use


  • The LCD performs a small and low-resolution
  • The auto white balance performance doesn’t bring it to the dream digital camera

Leica M9 Price

Price : $6,995.00 gadget reviews

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