Samsung Galaxy Note Review

Samsung has owned the market by launching Samsung Galaxy Note which is coming as a sleek and attractive phone to choose. Samsung Galaxy Note might be the one of phones which has nicest screens. Thanks you for the Gorgeous HD screen that is fitted as the display screen. Other things that might be so interesting from Samsung Galaxy Note are the great video recording plus playback as well as the support of superb battery life.

Samsung Galaxy Note comes with 5.3 inch screen which is adopting Super AMOLED to ensure the phone can offer superb contrast and viewing angles. The Samsung Galaxy Note display screen is supporting for 1,280 x 800 of maximum resolution. It is higher than HD Ready televisions.

Samsung Galaxy Note Review

The wonderful thing that Samsung Galaxy Note might has is the present of a thin and light Wacom-based active digitizer stylus. The stylus works without any battery support. One more thing, the Wacom S Pen Stylus is pressure sensitive with 100 pressure levels. Therefore, Samsung Galaxy Note owns a stylus for great taking notes and sketching.

Under the hood, Samsung Galaxy Note is powered by a 1.4GHz dual-core processor which is paired with 1GB of RAM and backed by a Mali 400MP GPU. For the data storage capacity, Samsung Galaxy Note has 16GB or 32GB which is expandable through microSD slot. However, you should need to remove the case’s back and battery to get the upgrade. It has also an optional of NFC support.

However, Samsung Galaxy Note has the limitation on its operating system. Samsung Galaxy Note runs on Gingerbread or so called Android 2.3. Some ‘tablet’ applications will not install until the Samsung Galaxy Note receives update to Ice Cream Sandwich or Android 4. To give more benefits, Samsung has made its Note to support SIM and 3G capabilities.

Samsung might answer what people have expected to be a slim device. It’s light and attractive with less than 9.7mm thick. Samsung Galaxy Note is coming in at just 178g weighs. As the comparison, the rival Streak has come with 220g weighs while the iPhone 4S has 140g weighs.

Samsung Galaxy Note has a headphone jack at the top and universal microUSB port at the bottom to give more connectivity. Note has is lack of of HDMI output but supports Mobile High-definition Link (MHL). The Mobile High-definition Link can replace the HDMI function with the ability to transfer along with 8-channel uncompressed 1080p signal audio. If you want to hook the Note up to your TV, you need an MHL adapter cable with the cost no more than £15.

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